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Mestan Lab

Translational research in identifying biomarkers and mechanisms by which placental vascular dysfunction leads to neonatal lung disease and its long-term health sequelae

Image by Sharon McCutcheon


Chronic lung diseases manifest differently in every infant. But why? The Mestan Lab is interested in identifying biochemical, environmental, and genetic markers that can lead to new therapies for predicting, preventing, and managing bronchopulmonary dysplasia and neonatal hypertension in high-risk infants. 

After spending 20 years at Northwestern University researching disease in preterm infants and building a cord blood and placenta biorepository, Dr. Karen Mestan joined UC San Diego/Rady Children's Hospital as Division Chief of Neonatology in Fall 2021.

Latest Publications

Placental dysfunction influences fetal monocyte subpopulation gene expression in preterm birth

Sharma AM, Birkett R, Lin ET, Ernst LM, Grobman WA, Swaminathan S, Abdala-Valencia H, Misharin AV, Bartom ET, Mestan KK

JCI Insight. 2022 Jun; 7(11):

PMID: 35471950

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
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