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Current Projects

The Role of Placenta Maternal Vascular Malperfusion

in Neonatal Hypertension

We are investigating how placenta dysfunction contributes to long term cardiopulmonary diseases in preterm infants through blood monocytes and humanized mouse models of BPD

Cord Blood and Peripheral Blood Adductomics

We are trying to identify early exposure biomarkers of oxidative stress that are associated with BPD. We are in the process of testing the hypothesis that certain addition products (adducts) circulating in cord blood and peripheral blood at/around birth may elucidate intrauterine exposure pathways by which placental vascular dysfunction (maternal vascular malperfusion) contributes to BPD pathogenesis.

IVF: Perinatal Outcomes in Singleton Pregnancies


We are trying to understand the impact of IVF on placenta development

and subsequent trends on infant outcomes.

Association of Cord Blood Cytokine/Chemokine Biomarker Concentrations with BPD in Preterm Infants

We are trying to identify which cytokine/chemokine biomarkers are predictive of BPD.

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